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Volunteer Abroad | Malaysia

Taman Negara and Perhentian Islands, West Malaysia, Malaysia Tiger and Turtle Experience

Malaysia Tiger and Turtle Experience

from £595
(1 week)
Taman Negara and Perhentian Islands, West Malaysia
A once in a lifetime 3 week Malaysia experience - the first week spent trekking and exploring the wildlife corridor between Taman Negara and the main moutain range in West Malaysia to help conserve the majetstic and endangered Tiger followed by a further 2 weeks on the stunning Perhentian Islands protecting the sea turtles whilst snorkling and enjoying the beautiful beaches. Volunteers who join this project will not only experience the best parts of these amazing desintations but also learn about and help the animals and people that make these places so special. This is a must do volunteer opportunity for any nature lover visiting Malaysia.
Sepilok and Sabah, Borneo, Borneo Sun Bear and Rainforest Experience

Borneo Sun Bear and Rainforest Experience

from £1,025
(2 weeks)
Sepilok and Sabah, Borneo
An opportunity to work with sun bears in Borneo. Volunteers can spend two or four weeks at the Sun Bear Sanctuary or follow two weeks at the Sun Bear Sanctuary with two weeks at the Corridor of Life - a newly delineated high priority conservation area. Both locations provide a safe haven for rescued sun bears and work towards rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild. This is an exciting opportunity to work with the Malaysian keepers to improve the conditions of these wonderful bears, as well as helping to improve understanding of conservation through work with schools in the local village. Take a one-off chance to trek through the rainforest of Borneo and learn about some of its mystery.
Pom Pom Island , Borneo Marine and Turtle Conservation

Borneo Marine and Turtle Conservation

from £1,200
(2 weeks)
Pom Pom Island
A great chance to help conserve the endangered marine life underwater, and protect sharks, rays and turtles as well as re-planting corals on damaged reef. Here volunteers can work on their diving skills by joining a Padi course as part of their volunteer experience and have unlimited diving opportunities on many beautiful reefs. Volunteer also carry out valuable turtle conservation activities including beach patrols and collecting turtle eggs to take to the safe hatchery and snorkelling out to monitor and identify the turtles on the reef. Volunteers live in large tents on the the beautiful deserted beach and wake up to the stunning sunrise over the ocean each morning. If you are passionate about endangered species, diving and conservation, this is the project for you!
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