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Eastern Cape, South Africa, Big 5 Reserve with Big Cat Conservation / Veterinary Internship

Big 5 Reserve with Big Cat Conservation / Veterinary Internship

from £845
(2 weeks)
Eastern Cape, South Africa
This fantastic wildlife project is situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and is designed for volunteers interested in having a truly African Experience while making a difference to the local wildlife and environment. The project aims to give volunteers a holistic experience of life on a "Big 5" game reserve with some exposure to the Big 5 themselves but also conservation of fauna and flora as these go hand in hand. Volunteers will work on a daily basis helping to carry out all the tasks on the reserve including rhino and lion monitoring, game counts and captures to name a few. For anyone studying or interested in the field of veterinary medicine a veterinary internship is available offering opportunities to work with the vets and wildlife experts on this Big 5 Reserve.
Naankuse, near Windhoek, Namibia, Namibia Rhino Rangers

Namibia Rhino Rangers

(2 weeks)
Naankuse, near Windhoek, Namibia
An exciting opportunity to help protect the most endangered species in Africa! As a Rhino Ranger participants join the Zannier Reserve anti-poaching unit out in the bush sageguarding the Rhino and other wildlife on the reserve. This 14 Day programme will give you a chance to learn the methods and experience the challenges of the dedicated team as well as live in African bush under the stars.
Eastern Cape, South Africa, Shamwari Conservation Volunteer

Shamwari Conservation Volunteer

from £1,195
(2 weeks)
Eastern Cape, South Africa
Shamwari Game Reserve is world famous and one of the largest Big 5 Reserves in the Eastern Cape as well as being home to the Born Free Foundation and the beautiful big cats that have found a safe home there. Volunteers have the opportunity to get behind the scenes and involved in the conservation efforts of this renowned Game Reserve.
Limpopo Province, South Africa, Wildlife Volunteer Makalali Game Reserve

Wildlife Volunteer Makalali Game Reserve

from £595
(1 week)
Limpopo Province, South Africa
Volunteers have the opportunity to work with experienced rangers and conservationists on the stunning Big 5 Makalali Game Reserve. They will experience and learn all about the African Bush and its wildlife whist tracking and monitoring the wildlife - sometimes on foot! Get back to nature, experience some incredible wildlife sightings and be part of valuable research activities to help the Africa's Endangered Species and wildlife.
Imire Safari Ranch, Zimbabwe, Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary

Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary

from £745
(1 week)
Imire Safari Ranch, Zimbabwe
This volunteer programme offers a unique opportunity to live in the heart of Zimbabwe and share the experiences of a 10,000 acre family-run African conservancy. Volunteers will live in close proximity to black and white rhino, elephants, buffalo, giraffe and many other animals and birds and will hear incredible stories of the history of the conservancy and help with research projects to expand the knowledge of the surrounding wildlife. This is a wonderful experience for volunteers of all ages to experience Africa in a safe environment, work hard and become part of a very special family. The volunteer programme is a life-changing experience for volunteers, staff and the local community. It is a wonderful way to get involved and give something back. Horse lovers of all ages are also welcome as are families with children aged 6 and above.
Kruger Conservation Area, South Africa, Kruger Big 5 Wildlife Research Volunteer

Kruger Big 5 Wildlife Research Volunteer

from £1,695
(2 weeks)
Kruger Conservation Area, South Africa
A fantastic opportunity to join the field guides and research team on safari drives through South African game reserves to monitor and study the African Big 5 - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The data collected on these wild but vulnerable and at-risk animals, will help local wildlife foundations in protecting and conserving them. Volunteers will live at a lodge in this wildlife haven and as well as practically contributing to conservation, they will learn more from the team of experts about the issues facing African wildlife This project is based in the world-famous Greater Kruger area - famous for the Big 5 and amazing scenery. The 'Big 5' (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo) while now thought of as the top animals to see on safari, were originally referred to as the five most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. The area is world-renowned for its protection efforts to save these species and preserve their natural habitat. Research volunteers will be part of the action - helping to monitor the region's wild animals and assisting in vital conservation efforts that support the long-term objectives of internationally recognised wildlife trusts and foundations.
Hoedspruit, South Africa, Askari Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Askari Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

from £1,495
(4 weeks)
Hoedspruit, South Africa
An amazing opportunity to visit the untamed beauty of this Wilderness Reserve in the Limpopo province of South Africa. This project brings new challenges and developments each day and volunteers will be involved in the monitoring and research of the wildlife and the natural environment. Volunteers can also sleep out under the stars - an unforgetable experience!
Zululand, South Africa, Zululand Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Zululand Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

from £1,495
(2 weeks)
Zululand, South Africa
Getting involved with this very worthwhile project means that volunteers actively help endangered and priority wildlife species conservation. The project works on five different game reserves performing critical and essential conservation work for these reserves at no cost to the reserves themselves. The project work, which is 100% dependent on volunteer funding, mainly focuses on research into African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Black Rhino and Vultures, although Elephant, Lion, Leopard and White Rhino are also monitored. The project works with very high profile organisations such as WWF, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the Wildlands Conservation Trust. The projects are Fair Trade Tourism certified and have received a silver award for a World Responsible Tourism Award in the category "Best for Wildlife" as well as a silver award for an African Responsible Tourism Award in the category "Best for Habitat and Species Conservation".
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