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Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

from £625
(1 week)
Windhoek, Namibia
Volunteer with Wildlife and Big Cats on this internationally renowned wildlife conservation project in the breath-taking Khomas region of Namibia. This Naankuse sanctuary never refuses an animal in need and offers a safe home to many of Namibia's injured and orphaned wildlife and where possible rehabilitates them back to the wild. In an Africa where humans and wildlife sometimes struggle to co-exist peacefully, the Sanctuary provides a haven and a second chance for animals in need. Volunteers work up close with a wide range of wildlife, including lions, leopards, wild dogs and cheetahs to name just a few.
Gobabis, Namibia, Noahs Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

Noahs Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

from £895
(2 weeks)
Gobabis, Namibia
Are you looking for a new and exciting experience that will be out of the ordinary? Do you want a change from your predictable day to day life? Do you want a challenge and a chance to make a real difference to wildlife in Africa? Do you want to learn how to read nature and its wildlife and take part in adventures that will never be forgotten? If the answer is YES Noahs Ark Wildlife Sanctuary is the project for you - an energetic programme that offers a real practical experience - including aspects of conservation, animal care, research and environmental studies. No experience is necessary – just to be an animal lover, want adventures and be able to expect the unexpected.
Java, Indonesia, Indonesia Orangutan and Wildlife Sanctuary

Indonesia Orangutan and Wildlife Sanctuary

from £785
(1 week)
Java, Indonesia
Volunteer work hands on with orangutans, and other wildlife that has found a safe home at this Indonesian Wildlife Rescue Centre in Java. The Centre offers sanctuary and rehabilitation, where possible, to the critically endangered species that have been confiscated from illegal ownership, the pet trade or have lost their homes due to deforestation. This is a unique opportunity to help these wonderful animals hands-on as well as enjoying a real cultural experience while helping to teach English to the local village children. For anyone who loves animals, doesn't mind getting their hands dirty cleaning cages and are happy to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with local villagers, this is the volunteer project for you.
Near Windhoek, Namibia, Naankuse Teaching and Wildlife Volunteer

Naankuse Teaching and Wildlife Volunteer

from £525
(1 week)
Near Windhoek, Namibia
A wonderful opportunity to volunteer with wildlife and big cats on this internationally renowned wildlife conservation project in the breath-taking Khomas region of Namibia. This unique programme combines the chance to teach some of the children of Namibia who are most in need of education with the opportunity to work - hands on - with the animals who come to the Naankuse Sanctuary in need of rescue, care and rehabilitation. Volunteers of all nationalities work together and although no experience is necessary, they all share a desire to improve the lives of the children and the wildlife in this beautiful African country.
Tzaneen, South Africa, Primate Rehabilitation Volunteer

Primate Rehabilitation Volunteer

from £725
(2 weeks)
Tzaneen, South Africa
Volunteers provide vital care for the many primates, including vervet monkeys and baboons, that find a safe home at this incredible rehabilitation centre. Based just an hour away from the Kruger National Park, this is the world's largest primate rehabilitation centre and has been helping hundreds of monkeys be rehabilitated back into their natural habitat and have a new chance at life in the wild.
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