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Orphan Care Volunteer

North of Phuket, Thailand, West Coast Thai Orphanage

West Coast Thai Orphanage

from £435
(1 week)
North of Phuket, Thailand
An opportunity for volunteers to work in a small, locally run orphanage described as one big, happy family. With help and hard work from staff and volunteers alike, these children, who were affected by the 2004 Tsunami, now have a safe, happy and supportive environment in which to live. Whatever their talents, volunteers are always welcome and their contribution towards providing a better future for these young children is highly valued.
Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai Childrens Home

Chiang Mai Children's Home

from £745
(2 weeks)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
It would be difficult to find a better place to volunteer than at this inspiring children's home in Northern Thailand - with a chance to help 50 children, many of whom have been orphaned through illness or accidents, or who have been abused or abandoned, and for whom this house is home. Volunteers can bring smiles to the faces of these children who will enjoy the activities that the volunteers prepare for them. Enjoy their laughter as they play knowing that you are helping in some small way to reshape their futures.
St Lucia, South Africa , St Lucia Vulnerable Child and Community Support Project

St Lucia Vulnerable Child and Community Support Project

from £995
(2 weeks)
St Lucia, South Africa
A life-changing experience in South Africa awaits volunteers who want to work in a vibrant Zulu community to help educate children who have been orphaned by AIDS.  This project is located in the beautiful St Lucia area where nearly 70% of the local population are believed to be infected with HIV, and many of the children have lost one or both their parents.  The help of volunteers in educating these children and raising awareness of HIV in these communities is very important.  The project gives volunteers the opportunity to engage with people - young and old - to make a positive impact whilst living by the beautiful Indian Ocean with waters full of hippos, crocs, whales and turtles and the chance to see the Big 5 during weekend excursions with fellow volunteers.
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