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Maldives Medical Volunteer

Naifaru and Surrounding Islands, Maldives
from £1,695 (3 weeks)

Ref: AV078

A exciting opportunity to take your medical elective or offer your medical expertise on the beautiful Maldivian Island of Naifuru.   Volunteers work in the multi speciality medical, nursing and midwifery hospital that serves the local community of approximately 5000 people.  A rare opportunity to become part of this friendly  community and gain valuable expereince whilst having an incredible time on this stunning island surrounded by marine filled azure waters. 

Who can join: 18 years of age and over
Accommodation: Volunteer House/Apartments
Transfer time: approx. 3 hours
Pick up Point: Ibrahim Nassir International Airport (Male)
Meals: Meals Included
Volunteer numbers: approx. 8

Duration & Fees

3 weeks£1,695
4 weeks£2,245
6 weeks£3,175
8 weeks£4,045
10 weeks£4,945

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Start Dates

Volunteers can join the project on any date during the year, however we recommend that volunteers join on a Thursday or a Saturday so that we can arrange the speedboat to Naifaru Island rather than the slower night ferry.

This project is open throughout the year


£180 deposit at time of booking – balance payment of project fee due 12 weeks before departure

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Boat transfers from Male to Naifaru and back
  • Orientation and support from project staff
  • Local SIM card
  • Visa (full details of the requirments are in your pre-departure pack and the visa is arranged for you)

What's not included

  • Flights to Ibrahim Nassir International Airport (Male)
  • Travel Insurance including cover for repatriation
  • Overnight accommodation in Male on arrival (we will pre-arrange this for you)
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Optional excursions

Multi-speciality medical, nursing and midwifery electives are available for volunteers at Naifaru Island Hospital. Due to the size of the hospital and nature of the work undertaken at the hospital, these placements offer a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in a variety of different specialities. The hospital is situated on Naifaru Island, the capital of the Lhivayani Atoll. The island is home to 5000 people with a further 6000 people resident on the other islands of the atoll. This relatively small population means that our volunteers will get the chance to work across all departments during their stay and gain experience of tropical medicine in a low-risk area. The hospital currently has the following specialities:

• Anaesthetics
• General Practice
• Dentistry
• Paediatrics

Medical volunteers will be given the opportunity to be on call and to go out with the staff on house calls so that they can appreciate the whole variety of conditions that affect the local population and impact on their lives. The volunteer house is only 3 minutes away from the hospital, making it very easy for volunteers to be involved in this work. The hospital is equipped with a well supplied air conditioned staff room, which can be a very welcome haven of calm and cool air on busy days!

Volunteers do need to have undergone some formal medical, nursing or midwifery training in order to take part in the project but most importantly, volunteers need to have an open mind and appreciation of other cultures, have a desire to help people and be flexible in how they may best assist the local population during their stay. Volunteer activities will be individualised on the basis of a volunteers skills and experience as well as the needs and focus of the programme at the time of the volunteers stay. There may be opportunities available for volunteers that wish to work on awareness campaigns on health related issues of importance to the local people, such as reproductive health, hygiene and public health issues as well as youth counselling.  

Whether you are an experienced medical professional or studying to become one, we guarantee that volunteering in this programme will be both a learning experience and a lot of fun in a fantastic setting! By joining the programme, you will have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the local people and improve their health care at the same time. 

With an amazing environment and an equally amazing community, you will feel welcomed and appreciated by our dedicated volunteer co-ordinators, local hospital staff and local community. In the idyllic setting of the Lhivayani Atoll, you will never be bored!

Important Notes: Volunteer wishing to join this project will have to enter on a businesss visa.  Amanzi Travel will arrange this for you however it does take at least 5 weeks to arrange and we will require documents from you at least 5 weeks before you join (as detailed in your pre-depature pack that you receive upon booking).  

Please do also bear in mind that due to country laws the volunteer role is technically observational. 

Naifaru Island

The beautiful island of Naifaru is located in the Lhaviyani Atoll in the Northern Maldives. The island lies approximately 142 kilometers (88 miles) north of the capital, Malé and is approximately 53 hectares (53 km²) in size.  It is the fifth most populated island in the Maldives yet small enough to enjoy seeing everything on foot. Naifaru is a bustling little community, with a beautifully friendly and welcoming community,  many restaurants, coffee shops, a hospital, post office and a bank.  Naifaru has just over 5,000 people currently registered on the island with the majority being Maldivian whilst there are a small number of expatriate workers from countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Naifaru has a few main streets which form a grid within which you will find a maze of intricate side streets and alleys. Both the main streets and side streets are always filled with people of all ages, sitting around talking, playing local card games or even playing Maldivian music in the street – Naifaru is an island full of life and friendly people, a great place to make new friends and have a amazing volunteer experience.

Given the relatively small size of the island, everything is within easy reach – From the volunteer house you can walk to any of our projects in less than ten minutes. Or you might walk down to one of the island's four restaurants and enjoy the cool evening breeze with a cup of coffee and a view of the Indian Ocean and the Naifaru ‘skyline’.

This volunteer project also extends to the surrounding small Isands and depending on the needs of the proejct and your skills you may be placed on one of these Islands also for your adventure. 

Extra Information

Volunteers enjoy a free excursion once a week. This is usually to an uninhabited island or a fishing or snorkelling trip.  There are also some great snorkelling sites around Naifaru and you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy these whilst on the project.

Water sports

The Maldives are full of corals and marine life making snorkelling a must-do activity during volunteers' free time, no matter if a beginner or a seasoned expert. Snorkelling and swimming trips are arranged for volunteers led by local guides who know the best places to snorkel and where an array of colourful corals can be seen through crystal clear waters that are home also to an abundance of fish.

Fishing is the islands' main trade, and the harbour is full of fishing boats and fishermen alike. Project staff have excellent relationships with local fishermen and can organise the hiring or a dhoni (local) boat for anyone keen to try their hand.   Preparing and cooking the catch on a beach barbeque is a great experience and will impress fellow fishermen and volunteers alike.

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best places to scuba dive in the world. Learn to dive here with one of the 15 dive schools, or for those already qualified, tick off some of the best dive locations from the list  - from natural locations to shipwrecks.  Unfortunately diving is not part of the Marine Conservation Project but if you want to take part in diving activiteis the proejct staff will be happy to offer advice and help arrange this with one of the local diving centres. 

Island excursions

Although it will not be possible to visit all 1,192 of the islands that make up the Maldives, there are trips to many of them. Choose from picnics on remote uninhabited islands where the the reefs and jungle can be explored, to overnight stays on the capital of Malé.

Luxury resort

The Maldives are often synonymous with luxury, and volunteers can experience this luxury too, located on the resort specific islands. Perhaps take a day trip to the Lhaviyani Atoll or arrange a longer stay either before or after the volunteer placement at a discounted price, giving the chance to see the best of both Maldivian worlds.

Visa Requirment

To join this project we need to arrange a work visa for you prior to arrival.   In order to arrange this visa we need a letter of enrollment into a University or College or a copy of your degree or diploma.  If you do not have this, please do contact Amanzi Travel so that we can discuss the documents that you may have that will allow us to arrnage this visa for you. 

Getting There

Volunteers should fly into the Ibrahim Nassir International Airport, which is located on an island next to the capital Malé. From here, volunteers can take either the speedboat to reach Naifaru – which takes three hours – or the ten hour night ferry, depending on their international travel arrival time. 

We recommend that volunteers join this project on a Thursday or a Saturday so that we can arrange the speedboat to Naifaru on these days.  Volunteers should aim to arrive in Male Airport on any Wednesday or Friday, as this leaves you with one day in  Male and we will then arrange your transport by speedboat to Naifaru the following day.  We will provide overnight accommodaiton and airport pick up options in your pre-departure pack upon booking. 

The only fixed transport between Male and Naifaru is the speedboat, which goes between the islands every Thursday and Saturday, leaving from Male' in the morning at 9:00am and leaving Naifaru around 1:30pm.
In case you cannot plan your arrival according to the above, we will try to get you on a night ferry instead, but these do not run on a fixed schedule, and thus may leave you in Male' a few days before you can depart for Naifaru.
On departure, we recommend that you plan your departing flight for any given Friday or Sunday. You can then depart from Naifaru by speedboat either Thursday or Saturday. Alternatively, if possible, you can book your departing flight late Thursday or Saturday night (no earlier than 9:00pm) so that you will not have to spend a night in Male.

Volunteers can book a seaplane transfer back to the airport for a return flight, which is the best way to see the Maldives and a real experience.  These cannot be arranged for arrivals as the reduced rates offered can only be used on standby seats.   This is something you can discuss with the project staff whilst on the project and is highly recommended at the end of your stay on the Maldives.

Amanzi Travel holds an ATOL licence and can make any flight arrangements required.  Please contact Amanzi Travel for information.

Support and Orientation

Support and advice is available from Amanzi Travel office staff and project/trip leaders. Upon booking, you will receive a comprehensive pre-departure pack that provides all the details you will need to prepare for your trip.  This document includes information on accommodation, staff, visas, optional activities, packing checklist and medical advice and if you have any questions that are not answered in the pack we are always on hand to help and advise. We will do all we can to ensure that you are well prepared and looking forward to your trip. You will also receive an in country orientation on arrival.

A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency contact number is provided for everyone who travels with us.

Amanzi Travel holds an ATOL licence (9401) and is able to arrange your flights on request giving you financial protection for your flight and trip costs. We also offer advice on personal travel insurance for your trip.

Naifaru and Surrounding Islands, Maldives, Maldives Medical VolunteerNaifaru and Surrounding Islands, Maldives, Maldives Medical VolunteerNaifaru and Surrounding Islands, Maldives, Maldives Medical VolunteerNaifaru and Surrounding Islands, Maldives, Maldives Medical VolunteerNaifaru and Surrounding Islands, Maldives, Maldives Medical VolunteerVolunteers will either stay in a 6 bedroom guest house with single sex shared rooms or in the volunteer house. The guesthouse accommodation has air conditioning and shared bathrooms. Bedding will be provided, but volunteers will need to take their own towel. There is a common rest area for volunteers with a fridge, kettle and TV.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your proejct fee. For any volunteers who do not eat fish or meat, vegetarian meals can easily be arranged. Please let Amanzi Travel know about any dietary requirements before you join.

Click here to view the full interactive mapMaldives

Maldives Overview

The Maldives is comprised of an archipelago of islands with a double chain of 26 atolls, sitting in the Laccadive Sea, approximately 700 kilometres from Sri Lanka. There are 1,192 coral islands. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country by population and land area, and one of the most dispersed countries as it covers almost 90,000 square kilometres. The Maldives is also the lowest country in the world where the highest point is only 2.4 metres (or 7 ft 10 inches).

The islands are home to some of the world’s best beaches, boasting the pure white sands that are softly lapped at by the clear azure waters of the ocean. The Maldives are well known as an Indian Ocean paradise, and attract plenty of keen scuba divers, beach worshipping tourists and honeymooners. There are over 100 private island resorts in the Maldives, some being top luxury retreats while others have simpler hotels specially designed for families or scuba diving groups, as well as eco resorts and budget choices.

The ocean surrounding the Maldives is home to several ecosystems; colourful coral reefs, more than 1100 species of fish, five types of sea turtles and over 20 species of whales and dolphins ranging from planktonic organisms to the huge graceful whale sharks. All of this underwater life makes the Maldives one of the best dive locations in the world with huge coral walls, caves, manta rays and where the water is so warm no-one needs to wear a wetsuit.

Highlights of country

    • Stunning white sandy beaches
    • Fascinating underwater world
    • Warm temperatures all year round
    • No need for a wetsuit when diving
    • Chance to see whale sharks


Summer 35 °C 27 °C
Winter 30 °C 27 °C

The Maldives benefit from a tropical monsoon climate that is affected by the area of South Asia to the north of the Maldives. There are two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season is during the months of April and May, while the rainy season is from June until the end of August.

The hottest month of the year is usually March, but temperatures are pretty steady throughout the year. The coldest month of the year is often January. Most rainfall is in September with an average of 243 mm. More rain usually falls between September and December, while the least is usually between January and April.

Key Facts

Population – 333,400 inhabitants
Capital - Male
Currency – Maldivian rufiyaa
Official languages – Dhivehi
Time difference – GMT + 5 hours
Telephone - + 960

Maldives Medical Volunteer

I had an amazing experience in the Maldives learning about the culture, turtles but mainly the medical care patients receive. The staff in the hospital were very friendly allowing me to make my own timetable and choose which medical profession I would want to shadow. The staff at Naifarui juvenile and the marine biologists made me feel welcome and at home. The other volunteers were very friendly. I have had a once in a lifetime opportunity and if I could turn back the time I would have gone for longer than 3 weeks. I have made some friends for life and will always remember the amazing adventure I have been on.

Harriet, UK, aged 24 (Maldives Medical Volunteer)

Maldives Medical Volunteer

When you think of the Maldives, it's all about luxury vacation and high starred hotels. But thats just the tourist part of it. When you become a volunteer here, you will get the privilege to live and work with the locals on a little island far, far away from everything. Islandtime is the codeword and if you like snorkelling, fishing, crystal blue water, lots of sunny hours and very hospitable and kind local people and guides... DON'T MISS IT. This is really a once in a life time.

Jacob, Denmark (Maldives Medical Volunteer)

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