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Desert Elephant Volunteer Project

Experience a rare opportunity to become part of a truly worthy conservation cause. This project takes volunteers to the scenic, tribal area wilderness of the Namib Desert, Damaraland, which runs parallel to the Skeleton Coast National Park. This arid wilderness is the habitat of a surprising variety of animals including lion, leopard, and cheetah, hyena, black rhino, giraffe and baboon. It is also home to a population of desert elephants threatened due to competition for natural resources with the local human population. Working alongside local conservationists from mobile base camps by the ephemeral Ugab River, volunteer teams will immerse themselves in spear-head conservation initiatives to facilitate the peaceful coexistence of the local human and elephant populations.  The will enjoy the opportunity of closely observing these special elephants in their natural environment while camping out under the stars of the African desert in a manner that few ever have the privilege to glimpse. A very popular project appealing to volunteers wanting a true wilderness adventure.

Project Details

Gemma Amanzi Travel

Meet Gemma

Hi, I'm Gemma. In 2006, I went to Africa to fulfil my dream of helping Wildlife and had the most incredible experience. I then decided that I was going to setup Amanzi Travel to offer others the opportunity to volunteer in Africa. The company was named after a lion called "Amanzi" who touched my heart. Since them Amanzi Travel has gone from strength to strength and we now also offer incredible opportunities across South East Asia as well as Africa. We are a family run organisation that is passionate about what we do.

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