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Victoria Falls Lion and Game Park Management

Africa would not be the same without its incredible beauty nor its majestic lions. Nothing would be more devastating to this continent and its economy than losing its natural resources and wildlife. Volunteers joining this project will not only be joining a dedicated team as they work towards restoring and maintaining 2000 hectares of a natural haven, but will also play a vital part in the lion conservation efforts by getting closer to this animal than they have ever imagined. Helping the environment and Africa's wildlife is possible with volunteers on the team.

Gemma Amanzi Travel

Meet Gemma

Hi, I'm Gemma. In 2006, I went to Africa to fulfil my dream of helping Wildlife and had the most incredible experience. I then decided that I was going to setup Amanzi Travel to offer others the opportunity to volunteer in Africa. The company was named after a lion called "Amanzi" who touched my heart. Since them Amanzi Travel has gone from strength to strength and we now also offer incredible opportunities across South East Asia as well as Africa. We are a family run organisation that is passionate about what we do.

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