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Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary

from £485
(1 week)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Fantastic opportunity for a life-enhancing experience spending time volunteering at this Elephant Sanctuary which is a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand. Volunteers work hands-on helping with the daily tasks looking after the thriving elephant herd, many of whom have been rescued from desperate situations. The sanctuary provides a very natural environment for the elephants, many of whom are disabled, blind and orphaned and who have been abused as working animals and for street begging. Care is also provided for dogs, cats, buffalo and many other animals who have been rescued and need care.
Kruger Conservation Area, South Africa, Kruger Big 5 Wildlife Research Volunteer

Kruger Big 5 Wildlife Research Volunteer

from £1,264
(2 weeks)
Kruger Conservation Area, South Africa
This project is based in the world-famous Greater Kruger area - famous for the Big 5 and amazing scenery. Its focus is to monitor wildlife first-hand and to assist with vital conservation. Volunteers will be on the front line in supporting these objectives and will join experienced field guides on daily research drives through the heart of this stunning South African Game Reserve to monitor and study Africa's Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino). They will also assist local wildlife foundations protect endangered and at-risk species in this spectacular part of South Africa. No experience is necessary but patience and enthusiasm are essential and a laptop is highly recommended.
Imire Safari Ranch, Zimbabwe, Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary

Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary

from £755
(1 week)
Imire Safari Ranch, Zimbabwe
This volunteer programme offers a unique opportunity to live in the heart of Zimbabwe and share the experiences of a 10,000 acre family-run African game reserve. Volunteers will live in close proximity to black and white rhino, elephants, buffalo, giraffe and many other animals and birds and will be able to experience Africa in a safe environment, work hard and enjoy a life changing experience. With just 12 volunteers there will be plenty of time and space to form bonds with other volunteers, the animals and the spell-binding African bush. As well as working with the animals, volunteers will help with community projects and in the local school, carry out work around the game park and undertake research projects. There is also the opportunity for those who horse ride to ride on working days.
£50 off the project fee when booking is made during the month of March/April 2018 
Eastern Cape, South Africa, Big 5 Reserve with Big Cat Conservation / Veterinary Internship

Big 5 Reserve with Big Cat Conservation / Veterinary Internship

from £845
(2 weeks)
Eastern Cape, South Africa
This fantastic wildlife project is situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and is designed for volunteers interested in having a truly African Experience while making a difference to the local wildlife and environment. The project aims to give volunteers a holistic experience of life on a "Big 5" game reserve with some exposure to the Big 5 themselves but also conservation of fauna and flora as these go hand in hand. Volunteers will work on a daily basis helping to carry out all the tasks on the reserve including rhino and lion monitoring, game counts and captures to name a few. For anyone studying or interested in the field of veterinary medicine a veterinary internship is available offering opportunities to work with the vets and wildlife experts on this Big 5 Reserve.
Near Nelspruit, South Africa, Volunteer Living with Orphaned Rhinos

Volunteer Living with Orphaned Rhinos

from £1,390
(1 week)
Near Nelspruit, South Africa
Based on a beautiful game reserve near Nelspruit this sanctuary offers a safe home to abandoned, orphaned and injured wildlife in South Africa with the aim of rehabilitating them when even possible back to the wild. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to help in the care and rehabilitation of one of Africa’s most endangered animals. The rate of rhino poaching is rapidly escalating, resulting in their being many orphaned calves in need of the specialist care that this sanctuary offers. Volunteers help to hand rear and rehabilitate rhinos as well as the other wildlife that has found a safe home here.
£50 off the project fee when booking is made during the month of March/April 2018
Gweru, Zimbabwe, Lion Conservation Volunteer

Lion Conservation Volunteer

from £1,425
(2 weeks)
Gweru, Zimbabwe
A once in a lifetime experience to work with the majestic African lion on the world's leading lion breeding and release project. Volunteers can leave their imprint on Africa by playing a vital part in conserving the African Lion. They will learn about lion behaviour and help with research data while living and working in a game park in the beautiful Zimbabwe midlands.
Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

from £865
(2 weeks)
Windhoek, Namibia
Volunteer with Wildlife and Big Cats on this internationally renowned wildlife conservation project in the breath-taking Khomas region of Namibia. This Naankuse sanctuary never refuses an animal in need and offers a safe home to many of Namibia's injured and orphaned wildlife and where possible rehabilitates them back to the wild. In an Africa where humans and wildlife sometimes struggle to co-exist peacefully, the Sanctuary provides a haven and a second chance for animals in need. Volunteers work up close with a wide range of wildlife, including lions, leopards, wild dogs and cheetahs to name just a few.
Tzaneen, South Africa, Primate Rehabilitation Volunteer

Primate Rehabilitation Volunteer

from £395
(1 week)
Tzaneen, South Africa
Volunteers provide vital care for the many primates, including vervet monkeys and baboons, that find a safe home at this incredible rehabilitation centre. Based just an hour away from the Kruger National Park, this is the world's largest primate rehabilitation centre and has been helping hundreds of monkeys be rehabilitated back into their natural habitat and have a new chance at life in the wild.
Naifaru Island, Maldives, Maldives Marine and Turtle Conservation

Maldives Marine and Turtle Conservation

from £1,075
(2 weeks)
Naifaru Island, Maldives
An incredible opportunity to work at this Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on the beautiful Naifaru Island in the Maldives. Work hands on with the local conservation team to rescue, protect, care for and ultimately release these endangered animals. If you are passionate about Marine Conservation, including help for a huge range of coral and species of fish, and want to rescue and rehabilitate turtles, whilst experiencing beautiful tropical island living, this is the project for you!
Taman Negara and Perhentian Islands, West Malaysia, Malaysia Tiger and Turtle Experience

Malaysia Tiger and Turtle Experience

from £465
(1 week)
Taman Negara and Perhentian Islands, West Malaysia
A once in a lifetime 3 week Malaysia experience - the first week spent trekking and exploring the wildlife corridor between Taman Negara and the main moutain range in West Malaysia to help conserve the majetstic and endangered Tiger followed by a further 2 weeks on the stunning Perhentian Islands protecting the sea turtles whilst snorkling and enjoying the beautiful beaches. Volunteers who join this project will not only experience the best parts of these amazing desintations but also learn about and help the animals and people that make these places so special. This is a must do volunteer opportunity for any nature lover visiting Malaysia.

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