Medical Volunteer


Medical Volunteer

Gobabis, Namibia, Medical Volunteer at Namibia Rural Clinic
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Medical Volunteer at Namibia Rural Clinicfrom £775 (2 weeks)

Gobabis, Namibia

Volunteers on this project will gain firsthand experience of healthcare in a developing country whilst assisting the medical staff at the rural Bushman clinic offering primary healthcare to the local community. An incredible experience for anyone currently in thinking of a career in medical. There is also an opportunity to work hands on with and help care for the animals at the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Special: £100 off when booked in conjunction with a Nambia Short Tour

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Livingstone, Zambia , Zambia Healthcare and Community Development

Zambia Healthcare and Community Developmentfrom £785 (2 weeks)

Livingstone, Zambia

This project welcomes all volunteers, with or without previous medical experience, but who are keen to learn about healthcare in Africa and to take part in health promotion activities that will be of real benefit to the communities being served. Volunteers who do have professional healthcare/medical training may be able to use their skills to provide more specialised assistance to these same communities.

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Limuru, Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya Healthcare and Community Project

Kenya Healthcare and Community Projectfrom £885 (2 weeks)

Limuru, Nairobi, Kenya

This immensely worthwhile project offers volunteers an opportunity to experience "real" Africa in ways that will never be forgotten. Volunteers will spend their time learning about Kenyan healthcare services and observing patient care provided by local qualified doctors and nurses, as well as helping out in the orphanages and pre-schools. Limuru lies on the equator of Africa's east coast and is located just 30 km north of Nairobi, amidst beautiful the beautiful tea plantations of the Kenyan highlands.

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Monkey Bay near Lake Malawi, Malawi Teaching Medical and Sports Volunteer

Malawi Teaching Medical and Sports Volunteerfrom £575 (2 weeks)

Monkey Bay near Lake Malawi

Malawi is known as the "Warm Heart of Africa" for very good reasons. This diverse project gives the oppotunity to make a difference to some of the most welcoming, friendly and underpriviledged people in the African continent. Volunteers can help in the local schools as a teacher/teaching assistant and on the sports coaching and orphan care project or in the local clinics and hospitals in a medical capacity.

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