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Our Travel Experiences

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary and Big Cat Release and Tracking Volunteer

Volunteer with wildlife and big cats on this internationally renowned wildlife conservation project. The Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary was set up to care for and protect wildlife (mainly big cats) in trouble from all over the country, and volunteers work up close with a wide range of African wildlife, including lions, leopards and the beautiful tame cheetahs! Volunteers can also spend time at the stunning Namibrand sites, where they track and monitor the Big Cats that have been released and are in the region. Over 70 big cats have already been given a second chance at being in the wild.

Our Ethos

Amanzi Travel is a family run organisation that was born out of our collective passion for animals and their welfare. It was the desire to do something positive in terms of the care and conservation of animals that led to our first visits to Africa and provided the inspiration for the set up of our company. We at Amanzi Travel all care deeply about the welfare of all animals and it is our motivation to do what we do. We are fortunate enough to be able to combine this passion with our jobs and are very proud to have arranged for hundreds of volunteers to help on worthwhile conservation projects throughout the world.  Find out more about Amanzi Travel.

Amanzi Travel do not work with any wildlife projects that are involved in the abhorrent practice of canned hunting or the hunting industry in general. Our volunteers can rest assured that this will always be the case. As well as visiting all of the projects that we work with in order to see the set up and conditions of animals for ourselves, we insist on the unequivocal reassurance from all our partners that they do not and will not supply animals for the hunting industry. If any of our projects were to be involved in this we would categorically not work with them or be involved with them in anyway.

We, like you, love animals, they are the reason behind what we do and we care deeply about their welfare.

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